Enter Space has reviewed the international space industry and found small satellite customers have considerable wait times between contract signing and satellite launch. The high fixed cost of existing launch services prohibits dedicated launch solutions and these satellite customers must ride share with a primary customer. Often this works well but this solution imposes additional risks and delays as the primary payload is given priority in launch delivery and orbit. Thus a smaller payload must wait for a specific launch contract to have the opportunity to reach their desired orbit. Overall, the highest barrier to space is the cost!

Enter Space is proposing a radical departure from high cost, long wait time and high risk launch market, for small satellites in the 100kg to 4000kg range.  Enter Space aims to employ an innovative launch architecture that ensures small satellite customers receive dedicated and cost-effective services by providing:

  • A fully reusable Horizontal Take-off and Horizontal Landing (HTHL) launch architecture using minimal ground infrastructure to enable high frequency, quick turnaround launch services from a variety of runways around the globe.

  • An Enter Space proprietary plug and play, clean room to streamline launch integration and delivery.

  • Cost competitive dedicated launch services for customers with payloads ranging between 100kg to 4000kg.

Using this innovative launch architecture Enter Space is aiming to reduce launch costs to below $1000/kg. By reducing these barriers to space, Enter Space aims to see humans further extend their reach into the solar system.


The highest barrier to space is the cost…
Enter Space is aiming to reduce launch costs to below $1000/kg