Enter Space Founded



Business development and marketing begins

Website launched

MARCH 2019

Launch preliminary funding round on Kickstarter, seek sponsorship and begin advertisement campaign

Increase brand awareness

Check us out on the “Beer With an Engineer
podcast in Mid March

Launch architecture design verification

Liaise with ASA, CASA and Defence begins


April 2019

Construction of test stand begins

Design, verification and construction of rocket motor begins

May 2019

Rocket motor validation and testing begins


June 2019

Flight hardware and software design, verification and construction begins

November 2019

Pre-flight and flight testing begins


May 2020

Sub-orbital flights open for business



First flight of the full scale fully reusable orbital launch system

December 2019 to April 2020

Prototype 100km sub-orbital flight.


JUNE 2020 to June 2023

Company Valuation and Series A funding - target over 4 years $70 Million Dollars to build and test fully reusable orbital launch system.


February 2024

We are ready to Enter Space!

Full Disclosure

While the fundamental concepts of what we are doing have been around for a long time, our nuanced approach combines a variety of these concepts in manageable degrees to produce a unique launch solution that will be both fully reusable and low cost.

We understand that our plans are ambitious, but recognise that Australia has an old space history but a small space industry. We aim to leverage this growing dynamic industry and the networks that are being created, work smart, persistently and build on the learnings that propel us further on the road to space.

We expect to reach Enter Space’s goals through ongoing research and development, knowledge sharing, commitment, perseverance, a dedicated team and a resilient aerospace network.